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Path of the Horse Trentham Victoria, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for NDIS & Intellectual or Physical disability


Meet the wonderful horses who form the heart and soul of The Path of the Horse.
Their well-being is paramount to us because we love and respect them deeply; they hold a special place in so many hearts.

Discover the unique personalities of our horses, shaped by their lived experiences.

At The Path of the Horse, they live as naturally as possible in open paddocks, forming an authentic herd. This environment is essential for their mental well-being, as the herd teaches them valuable lessons in relationships, communication, and cooperation—elements we can all relate to.

Horses, like us, have good and bad days, and we always check on their well-being before inviting them to work with us. For those who arrive with a fear of horses, no one leaves feeling that way.

Sponsor A Horse

As a Registered Charity, we continually seek financial support to care for our horses. The cost is approximately $3000 per annum per horse, covering feed and supplements, monthly hoof care, rugs and other equipment, vet and dental expenses, and more.
Sponsoring a horse not only ensures their well-being, but also supports the individuals who come to us. We never turn anyone away, regardless of their capacity to pay.

Why horses and how do they help?

We all have many experiences in life, many are joyful and calm.  Other experiences can be difficult, challenging and traumatic and it is these experiences that can affect our wellbeing in a negative manner.
Nature is an incredible resource that we can draw on to re-connect to our own truth and inner calm. We all do have an inner calm - but with some of us it is often hidden deep in ourselves.  Being with horses is one of nature’s gifts that can assist us with healing and finding calm.
Horses know how to be completely at home in themselves.  They know how to be in harmony with a herd and the world around them.  They know how to play, be calm, be joyful and soothing to each other.  Horses also know how to communicate their boundaries.
Horses don’t struggle with the critical inner voices that we live with every day – voices that say we aren’t good enough, that we have failed, that we don’t deserve.  Horses do not judge, and they are wonderful teachers who help us to discover how to cultivate genuine peace, and experience a more, authentic connection with each other.
Path of the Horse Trentham Victoria, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for NDIS & Intellectual or Physical disability


The Leader

Meet Badger, the esteemed leader of our herd. Badger, a robust Quarter Horse, takes on the noble responsibility of keeping his herd safe and calm. With a keen sense of awareness, an abundance of spirit, and a kind heart, he proves to be a beautiful horse to work with in any circumstance, earning our utmost respect.

He adores attention, effortlessly steals the limelight, and exudes a healthy ego. Badger possesses the deepest and longest out-breath, and his profound ability to teach us self-regulation is truly remarkable. Allow us to introduce Badger, also known as "Badger the Magnificent!"

Sponsored by the Chandau Family


Handsome George

Meet George, our gentle giant standing proudly at 16.3 hands. As our only Warmblood, George brings a touch of grace to the herd.

Given to us after a successful competition career, George embodies calmness, a touch of laziness, and a self-assured demeanour. Despite his imposing size, George is a wonderful confidence builder and a go-to horse for mounted sessions.
Don't be fooled by his stature; George may be a big boy, but in his heart, he believes he's just a little guy!


Kind and Calm

Meet Jesse, our 'Buddha' horse, embodying kindness, calmness, and endless curiosity. This young Quarter Horse has an immense love for people and an eagerness to be part of everything around him.

If left to his own devices, Jesse might even walk into the house and settle onto the couch! His demeanour is a delightful mix of calmness, gentleness, and a touch of mischief, all while enjoying human company.

Jesse's special talent lies in teaching us awareness, guiding us to be present in the moment, and encouraging a sense of calmness.


Sponsored by the Chandau Family


Gentle Cruise

Meet Cruise, the beautiful boy was generously donated to The Path of the Horse. Cruise, a big and gentle Quarter Horse, captures hearts with his striking two blue eyes and kind, friendly nature.

This easy-going fella adores walks in the Wombat State Forest, where nothing seems to worry him. Cruise is best friends with Bear and proves to be a lovely horse to work with.

Sponsored by James & Robin Walshe


The Hippy

Marble joined The Path of the Horse through a loving veteran family who saw the magic he could bring to help others.

Part Clydesdale, Marble boasts a wonderful and chilled-out personality, expressing a deep love for people. Swiftly becoming a favourite, Marble captures the hearts of many who enjoy spending quality time with him.


The Resilient One

Meet Texas, the Quarter Horse Paint and a vital member of our herd.
With one brown eye and a beautiful blue one, Texas stands out as unique, and we cherish his individuality. Texas, having picked up on feelings and with a lived trauma experience, plays a crucial role in supporting many veterans diagnosed with PTSI.
Despite his assertive demeanour, Texas stands his ground and offers profound support when it is needed most.


Sensitive Bear

Bear, a solidly built Quarter Horse, was graciously donated to us. Having known trauma in his life, Bear is an incredibly sensitive horse.

Arriving wary and timid, Bear required time and patience to rebuild trust. His best mate, Cruise, becomes his source of comfort when stress arises.
Despite his challenges, Bear possesses a kind nature and exhibits immense effort. We love Bear just the way he is, and he has much to teach us. His presence is a source of profound support for our trauma clients.

Anzac (Zac)

The Snuggler

Meet Zac, the little superstar who absolutely adores being with people. Zac is not just a snuggler; he's a kind and curious boy, capturing hearts with his charm, an Australian Riding Pony and the epitome of cuteness.

Zac comes to us from an Army veteran named Deb, a nurse with deployments to Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Deb, with a passion for rescuing horses, generously gifted us Zac. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Deb for her service and for the wonderful gift of ANZAC.

Belle and Montana

The Soul Sisters

We can't describe these fillies separately because there really is no one without the other. Belle and Montana share an amazing bond, often referred to as sisters from another mother. Inseparable since their arrival as very young fillies, they initially looked to Rocky for a calm and friendly role model before deciding that it was just cool hanging out together. They are the same age and the best of companions.

Montana is a very curious and affectionate Quarter Horse. Her personality serves as wonderful support to people, making her a favourite among our clients. Montana loves checking out people and enjoys a gentle brush too.

Belle is a fast-rising Clydesdale with aspirations of becoming our lead mare. She adores laying down in our sandy arena with Montana beside her, drifting off to sleep—preferably with her head in someone’s lap to keep it out of the sand! Belle loves human affection and possesses a gentle manner.

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