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Path of the Horse Trentham Victoria, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Veterans, Military & Emergency Services


The Path of the Horse, established as a Registered Charity (ACNC) in 2016, focuses on aiding military veterans in achieving better mental health. Inspired by similar international programs, our mission is to provide unique support for Australian ex-servicemen, women, and First Responders.

Over the past seven years, we've dedicated ourselves to supporting numerous veterans, first responders and their families. Our facility in Trentham, Victoria, serves as a haven, offering support distinct from traditional Psychology. We take pride in our reputation within the veteran community, built on genuine care and impactful work. Our approach is powerful, holistic, effective, and empathetic, fostering positive changes and improved life management for our clients.

Having firsthand military experience, we deeply understand the challenges of military service and possess a profound awareness of the experiences of emergency service workers. There's no need to explain your work culture or duties—we comprehend it intuitively.

Looking After our Veterans

We're dedicated to supporting military veterans and their families in managing conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Injury, Anxiety, Depression, and Moral Injury. Regardless of when or where you served, whether deployed or not, we're here for you.

Our privilege extends to working with currently serving military personnel seeking better mental health. Additionally, we assist personnel transitioning from the ADF to civilian life, providing support in this potentially daunting journey.
Receiving referrals from esteemed institutions like The Austin Repatriation Hospital (Ward 17), the Geelong Clinic, TPI Victoria, RSL Sub-Branches, Open Arms, psychiatrists, psychologists, and various ESOs is a testament to the proven value of our work. While limited funding is available for our work with veterans, we hope for increased support, recognizing that traditional therapies don't suit everyone. Some veterans may be eligible for limited sessions under DVA-approved Rehabilitation Plans.

Costs for a Military Veteran or First Responders

If you hold a DVA White Card or Gold Card and are on a DVA pension, our services to you and your family are entirely free. For waged veterans doing okay, we offer discounted rates. The same applies to First Responders on a pension.

We operate largely through crucial donations to support our work. Our partnerships with Melbourne Legacy, Daylesford RSL, Darebin RSL, Young Veterans, the War Widows Guild, and several RSL Sub-Branches have been invaluable. Their assistance enables us to continue our vital work.

Trauma, Moral Injury and other related matters

We provide private sessions tailored to individuals, ranging from short-term to ongoing support. Our comprehensive program spans several weeks, aiding groups and individuals in developing awareness of boundaries, feelings, and thoughts. This equips them to face challenges, build resilience, self-regulate, and respond thoughtfully.

At Path of the Horse, we refrain from judgment and rushing into traumatic experiences. We understand and address a spectrum of traumas, including deployment-related and lifelong experiences. Our focus is on imparting skills for self-regulation, presence, and addressing moral injury, a prevalent concern among ex-ADF personnel. We work to empower individuals to reclaim control over impactful events, fostering healing.

Addressing avoidance, anger, anxiety, hypervigilance, depression, moral injury, and neurodiversity, our approach prioritizes the physical and emotional safety of our clients and our herd.

What to expect on a visit to us?

A warm welcome, respect, non-judgment, and genuine care await you. Our veterans may engage in conversations, outdoors amidst the serene bush environment or with our horses. We approach trauma processing cautiously, respecting readiness and pacing. Initial sessions focus on introductions to us and the herd, ensuring comfort and safety.

Veterans are invited to partake in safe horse-related activities, tailored to individual preferences. Previous horse experience isn't necessary, only an open mind and a willingness to embrace a new approach to feeling. Activities may include meeting the herd, grooming, controlled lead work, mounted experiences, or simply sharing space with a chosen horse.

Many veterans express feelings of calmness, safety, and present-mindedness during these interactions, forming a foundation for recovery. Building on these experiences, we impart skills for effective life management. Limited on-site accommodation is available, with plans for additional individual units in collaboration with Young Veterans and the Australian Workers Union.

We do have limited on-site accommodation available upon request and pending availability. Young Veterans and the Australian Workers Union have helped with valuable support toward our accommodation units.
Path of the Horse Trentham Victoria, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Veterans, Military & Emergency Services

We need your support!

We operate as a self-funded charity, and the upkeep of our trained, happy, and healthy horses, along with maintaining our leased property, is a time-consuming and costly endeavour. 

Your support plays a crucial role in enabling us to continue our mission. Whether it's through a donation to aid our clients, sponsoring a horse, providing horse feed, or contributing to facility improvements, every bit of assistance makes a significant impact.

If you share our commitment to making a positive difference, we invite you to reach out and explore the various ways you can support us.
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