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A Beautiful Bond

A beautiful bond has blossomed here, founded on trust, love, safety and a willingness to embrace learning through connection. 

The learning possibilities are endless from this solid foundation. 

A heartwarming moment shared between these two and wonderful to observe an equal exchange of special gifts. Desensitised to the wheelchair, Anzac is ready for the next challenge … taking over the controls! 

Relaxed and calm, nonchalant about the wheelchair or world around him … in the moment and in connection … Anzac has no hesitation about supporting his friend on an adventure. 

Our superstar participant, who has encountered numerous struggles and challenges, surpasses obstacles, exceeds expectations, meets set goals and transforms dreams into reality. He accomplishes all of of this with remarkable humility and an unassuming nature. The presence of a wheelchair poses no barrier to his active participation. 

‘We are often hurt in relationship and also healed in relationship.’

‘No matter how difficult the road is, you’ll never walk alone.’

This is just one of the profound messages imparted by our incredible herd this week.


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