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Building Resilience

If you want to be more resilient and who doesn't want this, here are a few ways to get started:

Learn to respond to problems. Instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past, focus on the present.

Make decisions. 

While you shouldn’t decide on them immediately, don’t wait and decide when it’s too late.

Accept responsibility and make decisions rather than sitting on the fence.

Accomplish goals. 

Set some small, realistic goals. They can teach you about success, but also teach you the importance of failure. Sometimes, you have to fail if you want to succeed.

Make adversity into a teachable moment. 

While going through adversity is a challenge, it’s also something that you can learn from when you deal with it.

Take a good, hard look at your situation. Is it really that bad? Are you possibly overblowing things out of proportion? Avoid catastrophizing.

Accept change. 

Life is a journey and sometimes that journey requires change. You have to deal with the fact that at times you must accept to adjust and accommodate.

List past wins and adversities you’ve overcome. Write about a difficult time in your life where you ultimately emerged victorious and what you did to overcome this challenge.

Receive constructive criticism gracefully. It’s meant to help you grow. Look for the wisdom being imparted and adjust your course accordingly.

Practice well-being. 

If you haven’t had much sleep, have been eating terribly, and haven’t been exercising much, you may not be able to handle stress as well as someone who has.

Have a good social circle. 

People who have friends, family, and a community to help them tend to be more resilient.

Forgive others and yourself. 

However egregious the offensive act may have been, holding on to resentment just depletes your energy and derails you from living out your purpose.

Don’t compare yourself to others. 

Run your own race.

Detach from negativity. 

Such as excessive time spent reading angry social or news media, certain people, or habits you’ve developed that no longer serve you.

Try practising Mindfulness and Meditation. 

Mindfulness alongside Meditation, may be a good way for you to stay in the moment, shrug off any challenges you may face and learn how to tackle them.

Remember, showing weakness is okay. Resilience is not foolproof; sometimes, the hardest person can crack. There is no shame in showing emotions and weakness.

Face your fears, Stay with your Feelings. 

If you make it a habit to sit with your feelings and approach those situations that instinctively cause you to run, you’ll rewire your brain to think differently about fear. You’ll learn that you can bear such feelings, and they will lose their power to derail you.

At the Path of the Horse there are things we can work with you to support you building resilience.

Call Dean on 0418354362. It may just be the skills you need for a better life.


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