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Young Women Doing It Their Way

Today at The Path of the Horse I was privileged to be a part of a wonderful day with a group of 9 young women and a few magnificent and caring older ones.

Together, we co-created something really nice. I listened, shared and learned and I am a better person from the experience shared with them and my magnificent herd.

We stepped into things we probably never thought we would with an open heart and mind. Thoughts, feelings. kindness, acceptance, peace, calm, care, compassion, mindfulness and so much more.

Thanks to Mel Jorgensen who suffered the tragic loss of her son Lachy and has become a warrior for better youth mental health. Mel made today possible as she has done before. You helped change lives today Mel.

Thanks to Karyn and Jane for making everything great and selflessly providing such heart felt support and a passion for what we collectively do. Thanks also to all who support us at The Path of the Horse do what we do. You make days like today possible.

May the horse be with you.


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